Horse Riding

Horse riding along a beautiful south coast beach is one of the breathtaking ways to bring a postcard picture alive on the Island of Antigua.

All levels of riders are welcome, I Love Music attendees will be guided by experienced staff from the Riding Club


Beach Parties

No holiday on the Island would be complete without a party on the beach.

Catamaran Day Out 

We leave in the morning just after breakfast time and are gone all day on the beautiful Caribbean Sea. We make 2 stops at 2 different beaches, all your food and drink is included so all you have to do is enjoy the music and views with the I Love Music family.

Island Tour

Leaving from our beautiful hotel in The English Harbour area, we will spend 3 hours exploring some of Antigua’s 108 square miles. A guide will narrate us through some of the history of the island including Dows Hill, Fig Tree (The Rain Forrest), The Sugar Mill at Becky’s Hope and Devils Bridge.

Sunday at Shirley heights

Shirley Heights is a restored military lookout and gun battery. One of Antigua’s most popular historical landmarks at the most Southerly Tip of Antigua, 490ft (150m) above sea level. Every Sunday tourists and Locals flock to the venue to enjoy the BBQ and Rum punch along to live music, kicking off with a local steel band. But the real gift of Shirley Heights comes at Sunset, its view is considered the best on the island and truly a sight to behold.